Vibration Therapy

Vibration Therapy for Lipoedema


Vibration therapy has become very popular in the fitness world over the last few years. Vibration therapy as many of us have experienced has some great benefits for Lipoedema.

The therapy uses vibrations which are passed through a vibrating platform to the body. It delivers a series of pulses or stimuli to the nervous system that produces muscle stimulus and it is this stimulus that exercises the muscles.

Almost 100% of your body’s muscles are exercised when using whole body vibration. Deeper lying muscles such as your postural muscles particularly benefit from whole body vibration training.

There is still more research needed to fully understand how vibration therapy works on the body, but there seem to be some promising results showing that the vibrations have a positive impact on blood circulation, improvement of lymphatic flow and on hormone balance that then can lead to reduced stress.


What are the benefits of Vibration Therapy?

Although more research is needed the benefits listed below seems to be the feedback so far.


Vibration therapy can improve:

  • muscle strength
  • balance
  • flexibility
  • stamina
  • range of motion
  • bone density
  • blood circulation
  • serotonin levels which improve mood and energy levels
  • lymph drainage
  • basal metabolic rate

It helps to reduce:

  • pain
  • fatigue
  • stress
  • cortisol
  • blood pressure

The great thing about whole body vibration therapy is that it allows people with reduced physical mobility to exercise safely and very effectively. This is because the vibration does most of the work and the body simply responds. The vibrated muscles work very hard, while you simply sit, stand or lie on the vibrating platform.

I’m not an expert on vibration plates, so I’m not here to recommend one over the other. But the most common vibration machine is called an oscillating machine. These are used primarily for increasing lymphatic drainage. An oscillating vibration machine is the most simplistic of all the different types, using a basic mechanical system to operate.

There are certain conditions where Vibration Therapy is not appropriate!

Please do not use a whole-body-vibration if you are pregnant or suffer from cardiovascular disease, have a pacemaker, hip or knee replacements, diabetes, epilepsy, tumors, migraine, acute hernia, recently replaced pins or plates, recent infections, or recent surgeries.

Vibrating Foam Rollers

There is a new product on the market now called vibration foam rollers, again these come in different styles and price range. The great thing about the foam roller is that it is very versatile. It can be used as part of Pilates and Yoga exercise program. It can be used both on the floor lying on it or in a chair by placing it on the areas you want work on.


And here is a link to a short clip from a Let’s Vibrate class by Lydia Cambell.

IFS .my 'lets be Fascia Fit 'a mix of Trigger Point Pilates and Pulseroll moments .

Posted by Lydia Campbell on 5. april 2017