Mensendieck Physiotherapy

Is a physiotherapy method, where soft tissue treatment, exercises, and relaxation is integrated. It is also a preventative method where the client learn how to prevent muscular skeletal issues.

The Mensendieck Method addresses the root causes of pain and injury. The Method was developed by Dr.Med.Bess Mensendieck in the early 1900s. She was interested in the body’s daily movements and how the surroundings effected the body and the mind. Through the Mensendieck Method, the patient is given treatment for his/hers symptoms and complaints following an analysis of possible root causes. The goal of the treatment is reduced pain and improved level of function by a conscious change of movement pattern and posture.
The exercises are always individually adapted to promote muscular balance.

The Mensendieck Method includes the following elements:
Instruction of simple exercises/Daily life functions and Coordination

Some of the conditions that we treat:

Lower Back and Pelvis dysfunction and pain
Neck and Shoulder dysfunction and pain
Chronic Pain
Neurological Condition